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F777 Fighter Promo Image
  • Provider Onlyplay
  • Type Crash Game
  • Release date Dec 23, 2020
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 95%

F777 Fighter Gameplay

How to Play F777 Fighter Slot - Our Gameplay Walkthrough

The fighter jet-themed F777 Fighter slot from Onlyplay provides an interactive gambling experience like no other. Between steering clear of crashes and launching rocket boosters, winning payouts here proves thrillingly hands-on. Here’s everything you need to play:


Set Your Bet

Using the yellow wager slider before launching a round, adjust your coin value and line bet within budget. This allows controlling potential payouts.


Spin to Trigger the Action

With your bet placed, clicking the yellow button starts the reels spinning to reveal symbols and put you behind the controls.


Maneuver Your Fighter Jet

Once airborne, carefully guide your jet using on-screen arrows to avoid obstacles. Navigating through the sequence without crashing keeps hope of payouts alive!


Launch Your Remote Control

Stay alert - some F777 Fighter versions prompt players to catapult their remote control lever when cued. Time this right to trigger lucrative bonuses!


Withdraw Your Winnings

Matching high-value symbols rewards hefty coin prizes, multipliers, jackpots and more. Withdraw earnings straight to your balance or continue playing!

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